iPhone 5 causes waves as expected

Since the sad passing away of the totally brilliant Steve Jobs, some people have wondered if Apple will be able to hold on to its image. With Tom Cook as the new guy, there is definitely more to look forward to and possibly changes in Apple's products. During the device launch, Cook stood with a group of executives all in matching outfits of denim pants and shirts, unlike the usual one man in a turtle neck show by Jobs. The iPhone 5 which was released officially by Apple on the 12th of September Read more [...]

iPhone 5 released!

Finally, the much-awaited iPhone 5 has been released and it is all everyone can talk about. This phone, since its revelation, definitely created a buzz in the techie world as well as with those that are even less inclined to technology. This is a follow up on the hype created with the iPhone 5 Leaks article we posted last week. There were rumours about the looks of this phone. Some claimed the iPhone 5 was going to be a different shape to its predecessors; a curved shape was actually proposed by Read more [...]

iPhone 5 leaks – WhatsApp for iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is certainly the worst-kept secret in recent technology -by  WhatsApp for iPhone 5 . Many lovers of Apple products have been anticipating its revelation and release since 2011 and were met with a huge disappointment when Apple only released the iPhone 4S. Known to be the amazing innovative thought of the late Steve Jobs, the iPhone 5 has everyone buzzing with excitement and is finally going to be released in a matter of days! Apparently, there are going to be two versions of the Read more [...]

The Trials and Tribulations of iPhone 5

Due to some leaked photos that have been released of the new iPhone 5 many believed the chip on the iPhone 5 was an Near Field Communications chip, but now critics from AnandTech have tested the theory to either confirm and make sense of their suspicions. If Apple has decided to not install an NFC chip it could be potentially devastating to Apple. AnandTech don't think that the new iPhone 5 would be able support an NFC chip because of its unibody metal back case. If there suspicions are incorrect Read more [...]

iPhone, Not a iParent !

iPhone is created by Apple and is said to be one of the most sought after smart phones in the mobile industry today, but is iPhone really a good idea for children and teenagers?   When I was six years old I played outside! I had colouring-in books and crayons. My favourite toy was my doll. I didn't have a smart phone to occupy my time. Six year olds today don't even know what it is to play outside. Many parents decide to buy their children abd teenagers an iPhone or iPad. Even though the Read more [...]

Updated iPhone Review

The iPhone 4S - Updated Review The iPhone 4S is perhaps the most desired phone to have hit South African markets; boasting with a dual-core A5 chip, the 4S is lightning fast (twice as fast as its predecessor and with graphics seven times faster, according to Apple), leaving other smartphones far behind in a cloud of dust. The new 8 megapixel camera with 1080p video recording will make sure every moment is captured in crisp detail and with its reduced motion blur, custom f/2.4 aperture lens the Read more [...]

Instant Messages with Whatsapp on IPhone

If you own an IPhone smart phone you have more than likely have heard of or even have Whatsapp Messenger installed and activated on your IPhone. This great and easy to use application makes it easier to connect to your friends and family for next to nothing. This push notification software makes it easier to stay in touch instantly, sending and receiving messages across this cross-platform application. With Whatsapp Messenger you can exchange messages and media files such as images, video's and audio Read more [...]